Band Program - Band Tune-Ups at Elite Music

Do you have an existing band? Does your band need a tune-up? Are you tired of playing in the garage or basement? Is your band stuck in a rut? Are you tired of your rehearsals going nowhere? Would you like to have your first real "gig"?

Elite Music can help.

Elite Music offers a "Band Tune-Up" program where we will help your band with intonation, harmonies, dynamics, stage presence, and live performance.

We can help you to write and produce your own songs. Learn to solo and Improvise and enhance your performance and stage presence and confidence. We can also help you to record your first demo and help you to create a promo/booking package and help you get your first gig.

We offer a professional rehearsal studio with PA, mics, amps, keyboards and full drum set. All you have to do is bring your guitar or drum sticks.

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Elite Music photos

Elite Music photos